E-Cab: Sustainable Mobility for the World



Competitiveness comes only with quality. The scooter provides very high torque through its brushless DC-motor and continuous variable transmission (CVT). Going up to 7'000 rpm the compact motor gets the scooter up to 70 km/h, the E-Cab to 50 km/h.

(Foto Motor)

Power needs energy, therefore we choose the most powerful lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells on the market. They are well proven over the last 5 years in many small electric vehicles like the TWIKE and electric go-karts. Fast discharge and fast charge is what they are designed for. They are designed for fast charge and discharge and will last for over 1’000 cycles or three to five years depending on the usage.

(Foto Battery)

Power needs control. To protect and manage the battery dreifels’ new and innovative multi-string controller dfc40 is used with the battery pack. A high reliability, redundancy and modular system ensure that the batteries can be used over the longest possible time.

(Foto dfc40)

The body makes the vehicle outshine. A sleek and aerodynamic shell protects the passengers and driver from wind and rain. It adds much to the safety with its smooth surface design. The shell is made of a special high strenth composite using natural abaca, bamboo and flax fibres that are in part sourced locally. bodywork_02